Myron Gerard Potier was Born to Gail Marie Potier on August 9, 1968 and moved to Los Angeles, California shortly after his birth. After approximately 6 years in Los Angeles he moved to Oakland at the age of 7. He soon took an interest in drawing and begin to draw at every chance possible. 

In elementary school he entered a dental health Poster Contest, and unexpectedly placed second!! This allowed his art level tested which provided a way to enter Oakland's The Art School. His mother insisted on sculpting his future by enrolling him even though he wanted to go to a local public school. The Art School found Myron to be a welcome addition and he soon learned to appreciate the encouraging environment.

While in attendance he learned a various assortment of art mediums. Some of those were; Stained Glass, Ceramics, Wood Sculpture Drawing and Painting. Drawing teacher, Robert Collier was both motivating and inspirational and his ability to relate to Myron differently then most other teachers influenced Myron's focus on drawing. 

After four years of learning artistic techniques, and feeling left out of normal school, Myron begged his mother to let him attend a “normal“ public school. So she allowed him to attend Skyline High School. In 1991 he graduated from Silicon Valley College where he was educated in Desktop Publishing & Graphic Design. 

With sharpened skills and a wide network, Myron developed a successful client base for several marketing and promotional campaigns. Building his business over twenty years, operating two design shops, Myron gained a solid reputation for commercial design within the Music Industry, Political Campaigns, Apparel and Educational Institutions.